Terms of use

How can I use the files?

  1. To create a physical product for personal use or as a gift.
  2. To create a physical product for small business use that you will sell online (MUST have substantial WATERMARK) or at a local craft fair.
  3. Small business use is defined as less than 500 products produced.

What can I NOT do with the file?

  1. You may NOT upload the design to any Print on Demand (POD) website for business use such as Amazon Merch, Printful, etc.
  2. You may NOT sub-license the design
  3. You may NOT SHARE or upload the digital file in ANY way.
  4. You may NOT UPLOAD the digital file to a public cloud or public drive such as Google, dropbox, etc.
  5. You may NOT SELL an “organized” version of the file
  6. You may NOT share the file on facebook, in ANY group, private, public, closed or secret,  or other social media
  7. You may NOT SELL the file in ANY digital format.
  8. You may NOT SELL any portion of the file or use a portion of the file in a new design
  9. You may NOT TRACE the file, claim it as your design and sell it.
  10. You may NOT EXPORT the digital file in ANY other digital format, this includes embroidery formats
  11. You may NOT post as an image online UNLESS it is heavily watermarked by your affiliation.

In legal terms:  You may not sell, sub-license, lease, rent, modify, merge, adapt, translate, assign or otherwise transfer any of the digital file or parts of the file, or remove any proprietary notice, watermark, or label appearing on the file, including any copyright and trademark notices. Basically, NO SELLING of the file as a whole or part of the file.

All intellectual property contained within the digital file, and all trademarks, service marks, copyrights, ownership and other rights therein are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Vinyl Designs Cut & Create and their designers.

Vinyl Designs Cut & Create reserves the right to change file settings, permissions, and modes of access on subsequent file downloads at its discretion without prior notice.

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