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How to Create a mockup in Photoshop

How to Create a mockup in Photoshop

How to Create a mockup in Photoshop


This tutorial will show you how to add a SVG or PNG design to your mockup in Photoshop when using smart objects.

You can purchase this landscape wood sign mockup HERE and the Square wood sign mockup HERE 

You can purchase the design “Lake House” HERE

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Galvanized Steel Tutorial


Have you ever stepped into Hobby Lobby or Michaels and seen there galvanized steel signs? They are all the trend, but they are SO very easy to create yourself with tools that I'm sure you already own! So let's get started!

Tools & Supplies Needed

Galv Steel Roll

Galvanized Steel (not aluminum) – I found a roll of it at Home Depot.

I like the 20” wide, but it does come in various widths. Be sure to get gauge 28 or higher as it is thinner and easier to cut to size. I have an industrial guillotine cutter that makes it easy. If you don’t have access to a cutter, you might want to purchase pieces that are cut to the size you need.

Frame – your choice of size. I like these from Hobby Lobby that are very inexpensive.

The 11 x 14 is $5.99 and Hobby Lobby put them on 1⁄2 price often.


Heavy gloves, Flat Head Screwdriver and another piece of cardboard or chipboard the size of the interior of the frame.

The metal is extremely sharp. Definitely wear some heavy gloves when handling the metal.



With a flat head screwdriver, bend the tabs up to release the backing.



Remove the Cardboard backing and set it aside. You will need it after you insert the metal. Carefully remove the glass. You will not use it for this project, but I always keep mine for upcoming projects.



Decide which way you are going to insert the metal into your frame. Mine still has a curve to it so I put the “bowed” side to the back of the frame. BE SURE TO WEAR YOUR GLOVES!



Gently push the metal into the frame, easing in the curve (if you have one). Layer the piece of cardboard that came with the frame and then the piece you cut. With the flat head screwdriver, bend the tabs back down to hold all of the pieces in.



I apply a very small amount of soft wax to the WOOD portion of the frame to give it a nice look. If you use a more expensive frame, this may not be needed. I use Annie Sloan Soft Wax – Clear - because it is what I have in my stash.

That's it! It's super easy and creates a fabulous look! You can paint the signs or just add vinyl!

Download PDF Tutorial

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First I want to explain the basic difference between the two types of vinyl that I use and the purpose of each. To be clear, there are many brands of vinyl available to the consumer, but I prefer Oracal, which is the leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive films. My choice of vinyl supplier is US Cutter.

  • Oracal 631 is a matte finish calendered vinyl that is commonly used for home decor. Most notably used for wall decals and wall graphics. It has a matte surface that suppresses unwanted reflection, giving your graphic and or text a “painted” look.It is removable, but not reusable. It comes in a variety of colors and has a life span of approximately 3 years, but this can vary depending on the color chosen.
  • Oracal 651 is a gloss finish calendered vinyl that is used mostly for signage, car decals and outdoor applications. It is also removable but not reusable. This vinyl is meant to “weather” the outdoor elements, but depending on the extremes, the weather can affect the longevity of the vinyl. Its average lifespan is approximately 5 years, again dependent on colors and weather conditions.

Now the basics things you should know and do when applying vinyl decals.

  1. Use quality vinyl such as Oracal AND
  2. Choose the appropriate vinyl for your intended use.
  3. Clean the surface you are applying the vinyl to. If you are applying to walls, a freshly painted surface needs to cure for 3 weeks.
  4. Invest in a squeegee. You can’t use a “credit card” to rub your decal onto your surface and expect it to really, REALLY stick to your surface. You might be able to get away with using a credit card for smaller, car decals, but not for wall decals.

I hope this answers the questions on the two main types of vinyl and what is necessary in the application process.