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How To Make a Floating Ornament

How To Make A Floating Ornament

How To Make A Floating Ornament

These are super easy and really fun to make! Adding a name or personalization really adds that finishing touch!


  1. Clear Glass ornaments – the ones I use are 66mm
  2. Transparency Film – this is pricey but this box has lasted me at least 5 years and I’m not even halfway through it yet and I do 100’s a year.
  3. Your Selected Design in Vinyl – I’ve linked a couple of Designs below that are perfect for Floating Ornaments!
  4. Ribbon, feathers, snow, glitter, bells or other embellishments

HINT: the instructions below are for 66mm ornaments. You can purchase my floating ornament template for 66mm, 70mm, 80mm and 100mm ornaments HERE


  1. Measure the diameter of your ornament and subtract 1/16″ – 1/8″ inch.
  2. Take this dimension and create a circle on your mat in your software – this is a guide for you so you know how large to make the design.
  3. Place your design on this circle – making sure it fits the dimensions. Delete your circle once you have the design sized.
  4. Cut and weed your design.
  5. Transfer it to the Transparency, being careful when burnishing it to not scratch the transparency.
  6. Once you have transferred your design, roll the transparency so that the design is on the inside of the roll, making sure that the roll will fit into the ornament hole.
  7. Now all you have to do is drop the transparency into the ornament and watch it “spring” open.
  8. Take a pair of tweezers and straighten it. Once you place the cap back on the ornament, twist the cap prongs so that they hold the transparency in place.
  9. If you need a tutorial on some adorable bow toppers – check out Rita’s tutorial HERE

Embellish with Ribbon, snow, confetti or use your imagination!


Floating Ornament Template for 66mm Round, 70mm Round, 80mm Disk and 100mm Round ornaments

VV304 Floating Ornament Template SVG DXF cut ready file


Floating Ornament bundles are $2.50 for a limited time

Fancy Snowflake Bundle

Christmas Floating Ornaments

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